Monday, March 21, 2011

15 loathsomely beautiful Cthulhu tattoos

If you've never thought of getting a Cthulhu tattoo, these 15 (mostly) awesome pieces of skin art will either cause you to reconsider your decision and go get inked immediately ... or they'll confirm that you made the sane choice and while these are 15 fun images to look at, they're not something that's right for you (i.e. you're a wuss). Read on to find out which:

1. I'll start off with a fairly traditional specimen that includes some rich color detail and a nicely distinct claw/talon/whatever reaching for you/us/whatever. (Source)

2. For a variation on the traditional model above, this gentleman opted to go the full length of his upper arm and stick with more muted tones. Good choices all around. (Source)

3. Another upper arm example, this one gets a little avant-garde with not only a bright (well, brighter anyway) color scheme but also a more unusual take on the cosmic entity himself. (Source)

4. Alas this tasty monstrosity is only a mock-up for a potential tattoo that would run the full length of some potential victim's limb. Volunteers? (Source)

5. The first of the more offbeat tattoos, here you see rare Cthulhu stomach ink that also includes scary text and appears to be growing out of the groin area. No comment on the pants. (Source)

6. One of several Hello Kitty/Cthulhu mash-up tattoos I've seen, this one is for the more demure fan who enjoys walks on the beach, eldritch horror, irony and red bows. (Source)

7. One of the few Cthulhu tattoos I've seen that not only shows old squid face with legs but also comes with a free a remote control. (Source)

8. Putting this tattoo on the back instead of an arm allowed the artist to show off more of Cthulhu's tentacular glory. (Source)

9. This guy opted to go with a frontal chest tattoo and either by design or coincidence made Cthulhu's middle tentacle assemblage resemble a certain area of feminine anatomy.  And by that I mean, it looks like a Cthulhu vagina. (Source)

10. Another arm version, this one seems to suggest that Cthulhu is in the midst of being summoned...or that he has no lower body whatsoever. (Source)

11. The rare combination of Jesus and Cthulhu presumably gives the owner of this tattoo twice as much blasphemy for the buck. (Source)

12. Holy humping hell, this mega masterpiece showcases not only the great cosmic being himself but also a tiny image of H.P. Lovecraft holding a tinier Necronmicon, along with various other ancillary horrors.  Well done! (Source)

13. The decision here to go with a full color hovering Cthulhu seems like a good choice, and it looks like it's been paired with a Necronomicon but I can't...quite...tell.   Damn, next time get a little more in frame, okay? (Source)

14.  This one is a screen grab from Google images because the original site it came from is no longer there. It's not as detailed or as large as some of the other tats, but unusually it has Cthulhu trying to say something. My guess is "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!"

15. And finally I'll end with this stunning full-arm tattoo that gives me the feeling Cthulhu has fully manifested and is ready to start the horror party, complete with his first victim. Alas it's another Google images screen cap so I can't point you to whose body it belongs to. (That's actually two separate images below...the first time I saw them I thought someone had a tattoo that ran up on arm and down another.)

If you know of other Cthulhu tattoos please post 'em in the comments so we can all check them out!


  1. Here's mine :D

  2. My work in progress:

  3. My boyfriend's sidepiece

  4. Here is mine

  5. mine



  7. I've wanted to go into one of the tattoo shops in Denver for a while now. I don't think I'll get anything that detailed though.

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