Saturday, March 26, 2011

How to create your own HP Lovecraft self-study course using the Internet

Berin Kinsman had a brilliant idea to create his own HP Lovecraft self-study course by using critical commentary available online.  He found that rereading Lovecraft's stories combined with the comments about each on the Tour de Lovecraft site and then listening to the HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast to be "a great way to get more familiar with Lovecraft and his works."

He goes into more details on his site, but in a nutshell he says:
So: Read the Lovecraft story, read Ken’s commentary, listen to the podcast. When something catches my fancy anywhere along the process, or if I need a pronunciation of a name, I pull out Cthulhiana. The latter is interesting because it pulls in other authors’ works. It cites where characters, places, creatures and books appear in other stories, so if I dig a particular idea I know where to seek out more.
I say again: Brilliant!


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