Sunday, March 20, 2011

The (surprising) Top 10 related search terms for 'Cthulhu'

Being the curious sort, I wondered what other things people who search for the term "Cthulhu" might be interested in. Conveniently Google has a "related searches" feature that allowed me to slake my unholy thirst for knowledge without having to consult The Necronomicon. In fact, I was pretty sure the highest related term might actually be be "The Necronomicon" or perhaps something really unobvious like, oh, say, Lovecraft. Nope. As you probably surmised from the picture above, the No. 1 term is Cloverfield (although at least Necronomicon and Lovecraft rank high up there).

I guess that makes sense because Cthulhu and Cloverfield are both giant, amorphous monsters from other worlds, but somehow I find this...disappointing. I mean, that's pretty much all they have in common. Where are the cults, the unspeakable related beings, the sheer madness involved with Cthulhu?  And would Cthulhu ever be so pedestrian as to knock the head off the Statue of Liberty? I seriously doubt that. He's the high priest to the Great Old Ones for god's sake...that kind of shit is beneath him.

It's some consolation to me that they list "Hello Cthulhu" as a high-ranking related term because that's at least, you know, FUN. (Full disclosure, no I do not have a Hello Cthulhu tattoo anywhere on my body...yet). Anyway here's a snapshot of the rest in case you're wondering. I was just looking for the top 10 but Google included 20 so there are a bonus 10 terms for you:


  1. The reason Cloverfield ranks so high is that for months leading up to Cloverfield's release, Cthulhu was rumored to be the monster.

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