Wednesday, April 20, 2011

10 beloved cartoon characters reimagined as Cthulhu - Snoopy, Garfield & more

There's something about harmless, wholesome comic characters like Snoopy that inspires people to wake up one day and turn beloved icons of childhood bliss into horrific visages of the eldritch god Cthulhu. Actually, it's because Cthulhu's dark dreams emanate from his slumbering corpse in R'Lyeh and plague the minds of artists, driving them mad.

Below are 10 cartoons that Great Cthulhu "inspired" and I'm sure there will only be more as the stars come closer and closer to being right. (And yes, I know some of these things did not start out life as cartoons per se, but they've all been cartoons...don't get picky on me.)

Garfield Cthulhu - via Metafilter

Calvin and Hobbes Cthulhu - via Popped Culture

Totoro Cthulhu - via Bleeding Fiction

Hello Kitty Cthulhu - via Cafe Press

The Family Circus - via Nightmare Fuel

Pikachu Cthulhu

Care Bears - via Cromsfury

Snoopy Cthulhu - via Paulwise

Dagwood Cthulhu - via Tumblr

Charlie Brown Cthulhu  - via Dorktower


  1. Those are amazing. The Calvin and Hobbs one particularly made my heart smile.

  2. I've always liked that Totoro Cthulhu.

    Totoro himself is a little creepy anyway. Adorable and sort of terrifying at the same time.

  3. There's an even creepier Totoro that I didn't include:

    There are also a billion versions of Hello Cthulhu out there. And even lots of Hello Cthulhu tattoos!

  4. BY FAR The Family Circus one is the most clever. the others are just goofy.

  5. The Pokethulhu is by John Kovalic, author of the very funny Dork Tower.

  6. I can't make these fast enough:

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