Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chtulhu beer!

Before you get too excited, you should know that this was a limited-run beer made as aNew Year's gift by Us Vs Them. That's Cthulhu beer!

If you're wondering how it was made:
They selected premium 2 row barley, coloring and caramel flavor comes from 2 speciality malts with a C-60 coloring rating and the blackness comes from a special de-husked roasted malt called Carafa Special 3 which is the darkest malt out there. Being that the Carafa malt is de-husked, it does not impart that very roasty, astringent or bitter coffee flavor you’d find in a stout, however it does leave a deep, dark tone to the appearance. It was bittered with Chinook and flavored with Amarillo Centenial and Simcoe (Those three hops varieties make up the main flavoring). The Simcoe and Amrarillo varieties were dry hopped. It was fermented with a California Ale Yeast to accentuate the clean bitterness and hop flavors. Has about a 75 IBU rating (how they rate the bitterness).


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