Friday, April 22, 2011

In honor of Easter, here are 10 pictures of Chtulhu as a bunny

Okay, I suppose "honor" isn't really the right word, but here they are. The first one is a Cthulhu Easter Figurine from Etsy. Below are the rest:

2. Easter Cthulhu via Gaia Online (I love that he's clutching an egg!)

3. Cthulhu Bunny via Wired

4. My Little Cthulhu Bunny via Trysting Fields

5. Cthulhu Bunny via Creampuf Art

6. Dread Cthulhu Moon Bun via Etsy

7. Cthulhu Cottontail from Second Life Marketplace

8. Easter Cthulhu from Fun Crochet

9. Real Cthulhu Bunny from Almighty Jackalope (Not sure what's going on here.)

10. Tentacled Rabbit (Not officially and elder god representation but close enough to be an honorary Cthulhu - source unknown)


  1. Number 9 is a real bunny with some kind of disease. I don't recall where I saw that first, but it's a series of horny growths (like long fingernails sprouting from your forehead.)

  2. It's the Shope Papilloma virus:

  3. More info on that picture: