Friday, April 1, 2011

A ridiculously thorough review of the Cthulhu Dice game

I was looking for a review of Cthulhu Dice from Steve Jackson Games and boy did I find one. A guy named Tom Vasel from a place called Dicetower took the time to thoroughly explain how to play the game, which is ironic because it turns out he doesn't like Cthulhu Dice. At all.

I actually enjoyed how much he didn't like Cthulhu Dice because it was fun to see the combination of disgust (at the game itself) and perplexity (that anyone could like such a game) on his face. Although quite honestly, the game sounds fun to me. Don't be a Cthulhu hater Tom.

You can make up your own mind after watching his video review:


  1. Part of Tom's issue is that he's a pastor. This being said, he does tend to have a bit of an open mind when it comes to Cthulhu themes... But he also reviews a ton of games each year, and even though I'm a big Mythos fan... it's pretty easy to beat in quality most games that are out there with the HP theme. It's usually pretty slapped on...

  2. A pastor willing to give a review of a Cthulhu game and focus on mechanics? That's a rare bird.