Thursday, April 28, 2011

This brilliant 4 minute video shows you step-by-step how Alan Moore manipulated your brain with Neonomicon and you never knew it

I thought I'd read and enjoyed Alan Moore's Lovecraftian comic Neonomicon recently, but I was wrong. The thing I read just appeared to be a conventional comic when in reality (well, unreality) it literally transcends the medium and fucks with your brain and you never know it.  Watching this video will show you just what kind of crazy shit Moore has going on in Neonomicon, starting with the fact that he blatantly gives away the ending on the first page if only you know how to look at it. Now I do, and I'm amazed. Moore continues to be a genius:

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  1. I am really sorry, I am interested in watching this video, but the music in combination with speaking I just can't understand him.