Saturday, April 30, 2011

Warning about Cthulhu included in biology text book (pic)

The U. S. education system is now appropriately warning students about the hazards of eldritch cosmic horrors. (from Imgur)


  1. You found my old biology book! Thanks, dude!

  2. Slightly misleading. I found myself imagining biology textbooks now carrying warnings against attempting to cite Lovecraft in answering questions asked in biology exams.

    You know, "Explain the basic functions that define life." "Movement, assimilation of food, telepathy, consumption of souls, transmigration across the stars when they are right, manifestation in dreams ..."

    That, and a warning that students are automatically disqualified for drawing diagrams of shoggoths or some such, especially in questions regarding reproduction.

  3. I'm with Alex. I also believe Alex may be a genius.