Thursday, April 7, 2011

Watch China Mieville's (loving) rant about "The Horror at Red Hook" where he calls it an embarrassment

In this interview from the American Book Expo a few years back, China Mieville was asked what his favorite New York story is. He chose the H.P. Lovecraft story "The Horror at Red Hook" but as the description of the video says, only "if by 'favorite' you mean a virulent racist screed." Whoa, step back and listen to him go!  I mean, just to start wtih, China couldn't even bring himself to say he "liked" the story:
"What I like about it? Like is not really the right verb.  It is a hate-filled story, a very evil story, it’s extraordinarily racist, it’s deeply unpleasant, but it is a fascinating kind of fever dream of prejudice."
Here are more good bits excerpted and the video itself:

“It’s a story that’s a big embarrassment to a lot of Lovecraft fans, quite rightly.”
"But without saying any of those things are untrue, because they’re all true, it is also a very interesting story and a story that represents New York in an extraordinary hyper-realized way."