Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Arkham House Publishers plans to resume operations following the death of April Derleth

The famous Lovecraftian book publisher Arkham House is planning to resume publishing following the death of former President and CEO April Derleth. Derleth's children Danielle Jacobs and Damon Derleth will take over the operation, with Danielle serving as president and Damon as vice president.

They plan to take the business out of its self-imposed temporary suspension soon with the reprint of one of Arkham's most successful books (as yet unnamed). In a brief statement on the Arkham House Web site, Danielle said: "The estate is highly complex and we wish we could move things along faster. It is not an easy task when you consider we are saddened by the sudden loss of our mother, yet understand the importance of Arkham House to our fans and to our family heritage."

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