Sunday, May 15, 2011

The guy making Chocolate Cthulhus is now selling Chocolate Cthulhu Bars, available in milk, dark and GREEN!

Jason McKittrick, the guy behind the Chocolate Cthulhus, is now making Chocolate Cthulhu Bars.  This. Is. Beyond. Genius.  He says:
An eldritch treat worthy of the Great Old One himself. Measuring in at a Cyclopean foot wide this chocolate bar will inspire madness in all who dare to consume it! Available in milk chocolate, dark chocolate and green chocolate. Custom requests are also welcome. Please specify when ordering.
You can order them here. Each bar costs $20.


  1. Thanks for the kind words! They're especially good when eaten under a gibbous moon!

  2. How big are these? $20 is alot for a candy bar!

  3. They're a foot wide by six and a half inches.

  4. Do you have the ingredients list for these? I would love to have one but I;m not sure if I can eat it.

  5. The link has changed! They can be purchased here now!

  6. I hope the green one is ichor-- err, minty flavored... :)

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