Monday, May 2, 2011

How James Cameron hid Lovecraft references in Avatar's mythology

This is kind of a cool H.P. Lovecraft Easter egg hidden in the mythology for James Cameron's mega-hit movie Avatar. You can find it in the description of the in-movie Avatar technology on the offical Pandorapedia. I've included it here and bolded the relevant Lovecraftian bits:

But practical difficulties soon showed a need for a more profound means of communication between the human and Na’vi species. RDA research had already established the possibility of direct mental communication between humans, and RDA scientist Dr. Cordell Lovecraft was given the task of carrying his “Dark Dreamer” project, which sought to transmit mental processes – “thoughts” – to humans at a distance, to interspecies communication.

Initial dissection of Na’vi specimens found that although Na’vi show a surprising degree of external convergent evolution, internally they are quite different from humans. The Na’vi brain in particular, with its external tendrils and three-lobed structure was a daunting obstacle.

Building on work with brain-wiped primates and condemned criminals, Dr. Lovecraft was able to establish that full sensory bonding could be established between human twins, human-animal hybrids that shared common DNA, and human-Na’vi hybrids with common genetic blueprints.

This gives me hope that Cameron will be involved in a future big-budget Lovecraft movie even though the At the Mountains of Madness film with Cameron and Guillermo del Toro isn't happening anymore.

(from Pandorapedia: The Official Guide to Pandora)


  1. Russell Hoban has a Dr Lovecraft in his SF novel Fremder (as well as some even more overt references).

  2. He should have hidden an actual story in the script.

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