Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Artist spends 1 year trying to draw every Lovecraft creature ever mentioned

Michael Bukowski is admittedly obsessed with H.P. Lovecraft and has spent the last year posting drawings of Lovecraft creatures on his blog Yog-Blogsoth. (Side note: Don't we Lovecraft bloggers come up with fun blog names?)  His ultimate goal is "to draw EVERY creature he ever describes (sticking to Lovecraft only so far) from Elder Things and and The Great Race (who are described in immense detail) to Vooniths and Wamps (who are only mentioned)."

He seems to post a new drawing every few days and they're all awesome. I have no idea how many he has left but I hope it's a lot because I'm really enjoying them!  Keep going Michael! Ia! Ia!


  1. that place is right by my house. it was happening during a move, so i was out of loop. damn.

    looks great.

  2. Excellnt stuff - I've seen this stuff on yog-blogsoth before (I think he posts there too).

  3. I love Yog-Blogsoth. Good to see that Mike's work gets the attention in deserves!