Wednesday, June 15, 2011

H.P. Lovecraft teams up with Edgar Allan Poe to investigate paranormal affairs (with guns!)

This is awesome, a graphic novel that has H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe working together to investigate the supernatural:
Edgar Allen Poe and Howard Phillips Lovecraft were born and raised in different eras. But during each of their times they were both investigators of paranormal affairs and once had a case where they worked together. Searching for the power of a mysterious coin, the unlikely duo find themselves against an ancient emperor who wants to use the coins to conquer the world... throughout all times!
It's a 96-pages, produced by Arcana Studio and available for $14.95.

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  1. So, this is "Poe & Phillips."

    However, I somehow stumbled across an older "team-up" graphic novel entitled "Necronauts," teaming up Edgar Allan Poe, H.P.L., Harry Houdini, Arthur Conan Doyle and a few other odd fellows. Apparently it was collected in a stand-alone graphic novel collection volume, but that's hard to come by. It will, however, be reprinted in another anthology with a few more graphic novels I assume this October.

    If it were just me, I'd actually team up Poe, Phillips and H.G. Wells, though I suppose Houdini/Conan Doyle wouldn't be entirely out of place, either.

    But, like I said, I'd go with Poe, Lovecraft and Wells. Detective Stories + Macabre, Macabre + Aliens / Sci-Fi & Sci-Fi (invading aliens, time machines, etc. etc.), respectively.

    The way I figure it, HPL has the goods on all the aliens, cultists, etc., Poe's got the goods on detection and sleuthing. Wells has the science know-how, in case they encounter any alien technology, etc. etc. Who knows, maybe they even end up galavanting around the universe? I mean, we've got the sci-fi factor and Wells' technology know-how, so, maybe they find some transport system or get some alien tech working that lets them do what they've gotta' do. ;o)

  2. Hmm, actually, I might also add Jules Verne to the lineup, on account of his Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and Journey to the Center of the Earth, among other things.

    Might be good fodder for under-sea adventures fighting or searching to destroy the Great Old Ones in the deep and hidden places of the Earth. 'Cause you know if anyone knows those secret hiding places, it would have to be Verne, right?


  3. In fact, if one were to go with a pseudo-typical 5-man-crew style mashup, I'd probably go with:

    Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, H.G. Wells, Jules Verne and Harry Houdini.

    (Optionally, I suppose Arthur Conan Doyle wouldn't be a terrible choice either, I suppose, to help with Poe's detectiv'ry.)

  4. Okay, got my copy of Poe & Phillips...

    On the surface, it seems like a good idea. In execution, I'm not impressed, personally. The copy I got, one of the pages appears to have been misprinted and has a white border of an inch or two at the right and the rest of the image is compressed into the other page space so the dimensions look wrong. Not non-euclidean, just wrong. Squished.

    And there are SO many typos. The editor needs to be shot. ;) It was hard to go 3 pages without stumbling over a typo of some sort. Missing apostrophes for possessives, 'as' instead of 'has,' etc. *sigh*

    Both Poe and Lovecraft were known for their diction and their scrutiny of others as literary critics. I'm rather afraid they'd have lambasted the sloppiness of this production. That or rolled over in their graves...

    I honestly didn't think the characterization was particularly great either. I was really hoping they would have the flavours of Poe & Lovecraft's writing in their own style of speech, etc. Instead, the dialogue seemed pretty bland and uninspired. Felt like I didn't capture the essence of Poe or Lovecraft. One wonders whether the authors have READ Poe or Lovecraft or merely 'heard of them.'

    I was rather expecting a bit of Lovecraftian purple prose or esoteric vocabulary peppered in. Or some truly dark or morbid sense from Poe. No such luck.

    Also didn't seem like they gave the characters much to do. Keys seemed to come out of nowhere. Situations seemed to magically resolve themselves without much intervention from the key characters. It was a bit disappointing. Maybe they'll do a sequel and do a better job? Granted, this one would probably have to be well-received first.

    And maybe others aren't as picky as I. *Sigh*

    I think this was okay, but 'could have been better' (A LOT better). =o\

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  6. reviews from Poe & PHillips

    Review from Martha Cornog

    Another epic team-up of real people doing unreal things-Phillips is the "P" in H.P. Lovecraft. The two wordsmiths collaborate as paranormal investigators against an ancient emperor who wants to-of course-rule the world. And he just happens to have a demonic army. The semirealistic preview art shows our author duo armed and ready.-Martha Cornog, "Graphic Novels Prepub Alert," BookSmack! 7/15/2010 (c) Copyright 2010. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.


    Review from Grim Blogger

    Poe and Phillips is a recent graphic novel by Jaime Collado and Miguel Cedillo from Arcana Studios that throws Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft into the midst of a horror-adventure quest. Don't expect an authentic drama with highly refined weird fiction elements. Instead, you'll see improbable fun and heroic slayers coursing through this tale. Who cares if Poe and Lovecraft didn't murder a thief, let alone a supernatural being? They've never looked tougher with heavy arms.

    Space-time constraints are kicked to the curb as well, allowing this unlikely pair to link up and dust monsters. Here's what Acrcana's Poe and Phillips summary has to say:

    Edgar Allen Poe and Howard Phillips Lovecraft were born and raised in different eras. But during each of their times they were both investigators of paranormal affairs and once had a case where they worked together. Searching for the power of a mysterious coin, the unlikely duo find themselves against an ancient emperor who wants to use the coins to conquer the world... throughout all times!

    Expect alternate history horror fantasies like Poe and Phillips to spawn more variants in the coming years. As works by Lovecraft and other weird fiction masters enjoy a renaissance, their tie to digital media means the authors themselves are due to become mythologized more than they already are. Besides, seeing artists like H.P. Lovecraft and E.A. Poe as hardened killers is a lot more interesting than the sensitive, troubled personas they truly exhibited while alive.

    -Grim Blogger

    Book review, January 25, 2012


    scott - See all my reviews

    This review is from: Poe & Phillips (Paperback)

    Another epic team-up of real people doing unreal things-Phillips is the "P" in H.P. Lovecraft. this is an awesome graphic novel

    Poe and Phillips was a read that takes me back to be being a child and reading the Young Indiana Jones books (yes I did read those). They were books that I loved, books about adventures, and mysteries, and the best parts of the story being how we got there rather than what the mystery actually was. Poe and Phillips is pretty successful in setting up an atmosphere that almost reads like a novel at times rather than a traditional comic book. There is something wonderful about the ability to truly merge two literary forms.

    The story of Poe and Phillips is not something I wish to spoil, because to spoil much more than to say that Poe and Phillips is about a mysterious coin and the possible magical and mythical implications it may pose. The story and the adventure remind me very much of a super natural Sherlock Holmes, and that is honestly fantastic. Any fans of Sherlock Holmes or mystery books in general should check out Poe and Phillips. While this book may not be perfect is does give us comic book fans something we don’t often see. A story that relies just as much on the narrative to push the story as it does the visual. In my opinion many of the comic books out there now use the visual to push the story, and the narrative, well with Poe and Phillips I believe there is a great balance and it’s worth the read.

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