Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Dunwich Horror reader sets 23-year record for most overdue book

An H.P.  Lovecraft reader in Wellington, New Zealand, holds the record for the most overdue book at the local library after checking out The Dunwich Horror and Others on Feb. 12, 1988. More than 23 years later the book has yet to be returned, which amusingly puts it in the library's "long-term overdue" category.

At the library's 80-cents-per-day late fee that would amount to a fine of $6851.20 and counting, although the fee is capped at $22.40 per book.

Update: The best comment ever about this story was just left on TheLovecraftsman Facebook page: "Will they find his rotted copse with the yellowed pages clutched spasmodically in his withered hand, and a look of cosmic horror on this face?" - Nick Hydra

(from The Wellingtonian)


  1. 23 years? That's nothing. I recently discovered a book I borrowed from the library in the late 60s and forgot to return it. I hope they've stopped pursuing me by now or I may have to sell my house ...