Monday, August 15, 2011

Early 1900s photo shows the inside of H.P. Lovecraft's favorite coffee shop

When H.P. Lovecraft lived in Brooklyn, he used to love hanging out at the Double-R Coffee House along with other writers and playwrights. The awesome blog Tentaclii dug up a photo of the Double-R as well as some interesting history about it. Lovecraft even immortalized it in a poem. Here's a snippet:
Here may free souls forget the grind
Of busy hour and bustling crowd
And sparkling brightly mind to mind
Display their inmost dreams aloud
— extract from “On the Double-R Coffee House” (1st February 1925)
P.S. If anyone knows of a less grainy version of the photo and/or has the Photoshop skills to clean it up, would love to share a more legible version if I can get one.


  1. Fun (Fake) Fact: His poem was originally booed at open mic night.

    ...Hipster :)

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