Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gallery: 101 images of the great Cthulhu

It's well known that the great Cthulhu has a particular bond with artists of all sorts. In H.P. Lovecraft's "The Call of Cthulhu" it's documented thusly:
"It was from the artists and poets that the pertinent answers came ... a large proportion of them had dreamed very bizarre things, the intensity of the dreams being immeasurably the stronger during the period of the sculptor's delirium. Over a fourth of those who reported anything, reported scenes and half-sounds not unlike those which Wilcox had described; and some of the dreamers confessed acute fear of the gigantic nameless thing visible toward the last."
Even today hundreds of artists are moved by Cthulhu's dreams that emanate from the corpse city of R'Lyeh where he slumbers. Here are 100 of the works these febrile minds have produced in recent years,  plus Lovecraft's original drawing of the great elder god, making it an uneven 101. Enjoy!

(Note: If an image has no link or credit and you know the source, please let me know -- via the contact link at the right or in the comments -- so I can add it.)

(from South Park)

(from CGHub)

(from BattleDuck)

(from Drab Future)

(from Absynthe88)

(from Eddie Sharm)

(from Serrifth)

(from Mscorley)

(from Cariman

This last one is Lovecraft's own sketch of Cthulhu


  1. wow. brilliant stuff some amazing concepts

  2. If you ever wanted to do a "photos of Cthulhu", I could hook you up with some shots, eg. http://mike.dewolfe.bc.ca/node/2442

  3. Files cthul39 and CthulhuFB1 are Michael Komarck http://komarckart.com/

    File cthulhujasonjuta.jpg is mine (Jason Juta, www.jasonjuta.com)

    cthulhu_scottpurdy02.jpg is by Scott Purdy.

    Half the files have the artist's name so you should be able to add the links easily. Nice list. Florian Bertmer's is great.

  4. Really happy to have made the list!
    (pen & ink drawing around 15 or so from the bottom)


  5. Anyone know the artist who did cthul21d.jpg? http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-LA4zsdBUnTs/TkLzRr2WMCI/AAAAAAAAAiI/qosSk0aNr_4/s1600/cthul21d.jpg this one.

  6. hey, great collection!
    the doglike, crouching one (#18) is by me, actually. more cthulhu variations here:

    Human Mollusk

  7. cthulh21f and cthul26 by Cyril van der Haegen, www.tegehel.org

  8. These are great! Thanks to all the Chthuloid artists!

  9. Really! Truly amazing. Each and every photo is extremely stunning.
    www.roygroething.com | Higher Ed Photography

  10. Does anyone know the original owner/artist of the 83rd picture?