Friday, June 1, 2012

The Horror In Clay: A Cthulhu tiki mug

Jonathan Chaffin is a man with a dream, and that dream is to supply the world with Cthulhu tiki mugs. He's already got the mug designed and ready to go, and now he's raising money on Kickstarter to produce 500 hundred specimens of "The Horror In Clay." That's because Jonathan does not like to make just one of anything:

"Designing and selling merchandise is something I've done for a long, long time (since 95 or so) both for fun and profit. I don't just like to make things; I like to make multiples of things. For me, the constraints of the manufacturing process contribute to the beauty of the finished product, like a sonnet. That is why I choose to make the Horror in Clay a moldable, manufacturable object instead of a single piece of sculpture."

The mug apparently has quite a backstory that includes both a mysterious origin and tie-ins to famous works of horror. Jonathan even boasts that he has a colophon (should anyone inquire about one).  


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