Friday, October 25, 2013

The adorableness of this thumb-sized Necronomicon will drive you mad

Okay, this thumb-sized Necronomicon from Beth's Creations is adorably cute...but still deadly! It comes complete with tiny drawings of monsters, spells and other revelations, so you should be able to summon a tiny Lovecraftian horrors with it. If you dare.


  1. Hi superb article and that rocks
    the link to Beths creations seems erroneous can you fix please as i'd be interested to see more of the work.

  2. I cannot find this 'Beth's Creations' you speak of...

  3. Link to Beth's Creations if 'dead', and that is an un-googleable business name...there are bagillions of "Beth's Creations", none of which would appear to be the kind of place that would make such an item!